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Diane Moran is a visual artist committed to projects that help educate others about everyday issues through art. Over the past 12 years Diane has been involved in both international and local projects with schools and communities throughout the lower mainland. She studied art at Emily Carr, Langara and through private teachings. She has exhibited both solo and group shows in several galleries. Such as the BAG, FLAG, Burnaby Arts Council, Leigh Square, Presentation House, The Stanley Theatre, Silk Purse, and Water Front galleries. Diane has exhibited and facilitated workshops at many events. Such as the World Peace Form, Evergreen State University, Culture Days 2011-2012, the PNE Dream Home, Vancouver TV, Rivers Day, The American Zoological Assoc. and two ACEbc Teachers Conferences. Abstract and mixed media, painting, photography, sculpture arts that capture and celebrate local history, conservation and environmental awareness are common themes.

My Mission

To use arts in our communities through hands on projects that inspire, engage and educate each of us about the value and impact art has in our everyday lives.

My Vision

To share ideas exercise imagination’s and encourage people to embrace their creativity at any age. Use the artistic platform to heal help and educate people about important issues and ideas that affect us all, Such as: protecting our environment, preserving history, and creating innovative ways for positive social change.

My Values

Build relationships while using a collaborative process for idea generation, keep projects hands on and involve all ages and artistic abilities. Establish project standards that best showcase the work while enjoying the process of making art. It’s not just about the product but the process that counts. Celebrate the success of the initiative and honour the artists involved.

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