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Who would have thought that an international worker-to-worker exchange program in Havana, Cuba would lead me to Louisiana? As odd as that sounds, Cuba is my connection to New Orleans, as it was there that I met Beth Butler, the chief organizer for ACORN, now Association for Community Reform, who also happened to be in Havana. Over bananas at breakfast, we soon bonded and continued to keep in touch over the next two years. On August 26, 2005 I got word from Beth, now back in New Orleans, thatthey would be evacuating their home and would not have access to the Net for a while. It could be a few days or so before they returned to their home, as a hurricane was on its way. Little did they, or we, realize that it would be the one that everyone feared. On August 29, Katrina, a category 5 hurricane, swept across the states of Louisiana, Mississipp…

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