Trudy’s Rock Story: Authors Visit and Reading with Trudy Spiller


SAT SEP 28 – 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Port Renfrew Community Center
6638 Deering Road
Port Renfrew, BC

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Culture Days – Trudy’s Rock Story

Colwood author Trudy Spiller will make a special visit to Rocking It in Renfrew where she will read and present her book Trudy’s Rock Story, and share the First Nations’ “ways of knowing.” Trudy’s Rock Story, which includes illustrations by Jessika von Innerebner, teaches kids what to do with their anger. It’s about a girl who—instead of lashing out—goes for a walk, finds a rock, and diverts her negative energy into the rock, which she later buries as a way of letting go of her anger. “There are so many children who don’t know what to do with their anger. They don’t know who to talk to, or they don’t want to talk to someone, so they use angry actions,” said Spiller, a member of the Gitsan First Nation. “We divert that negative energy into the rock, hold it until we’re ready to give it back, it might be a few days, it might be a long time, but always knowing the rock is something you can give back to mother earth, and that mother earth will deal with all of that negative energy.” This interactive and engaging story-time that will delight and educate all who attend.

This event is free.


Diane Moran

Diane Moran is a local Artist in Port Renfrew who connects community and inspires others to use Art as a means to heal help and educate. She welcomes Trudy Spiller and her gift of story telling and First Nations’ “ways of knowing.”

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